KCSI Aerial Patrol | Safety
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KCSI Aerial Patrol is uncompromising in our commitment to the safety of our employees on each flight.


  • All employees are empowered to use Stop Work Authority
  • Aviation Safety Management System is in place and utilized
  • Staff includes dedicated Safety Manager, Chief Pilot, and Director of Operations
  • Aircraft are maintained far in excess of Part 91 standards and undergo 50 hour, 100 hour and progressive inspections
  • All aircraft IFR equipped
  • Pilots undergo semi-annual flight proficiency and line checks
  • Dual crew and 1500 hour pilots
  • Satellite flight following of all our aircraft
  • KCSI is audit friendly. We welcome external auditors as an opportunity to improve our operations.
  • KCSI Director of Safety Chairs the HSAC Aerial Patrol Industry Safety Workgroup:  http://www.hsac.org/

KCSI Aerial Patrol adds an effective layer of defense to your organization’s Safeguards and Barrier Model