KCSI Aerial Patrol | Safety
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KCSI is uncompromising in our commitment to the safety of our employees and each flight.


  • All employees are empowered to use Stop Work Authority
  • Aviation Safety Management System is in place and utilized
  • Staff includes dedicated Safety Manager, Chief Pilot, and Director of Operations
  • Aircraft are maintained far in excess of Part 91 standards and undergo 50 hour, 100 hour and progressive inspections
  • All aircraft IFR equipped
  • Pilots undergo semi-annual flight proficiency and line checks
  • Dual crew and 1500 hour pilots
  • Satellite flight following of all our aircraft
  • KCSI is audit friendly. We welcome external auditors as an opportunity to improve our operations.

KCSI Aerial Patrol adds an effective layer of defense to your organization’s Safeguards and Barrier Model