KCSI Aerial Patrol | Why KCSI?
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Hiring KCSI is an Investment in securing your infrastructure that will Protect your company’s Reputation and Save Your Company Money.


In many cases, the savings made from early reporting of releases and abnormal conditions by the patrol offsets the annual cost of the aerial patrol contract.  By patrolling pipeline lengths and oil fields in their entirety on each flight, operators on the ground are assured that the full extent of their infrastructure is observed and evaluated.  Reporting from the patrols occurs in real time to the control rooms and operators on the ground who can take immediate action.


Typical spill clean ups including vacuum trucks, excavating equipment, dump trucks, waste disposal, environmental testing, reporting, associated labor, and potential incident command, can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars.  By reporting right-of-way incursions and ground stability concerns, releases can be prevented before they occur.  By spotting leaks while they are small saves in clean up cost, regulatory reporting, and protects your company’s reputation in the neighboring community.  Each flight by KCSI Aerial Patrol serves as a visible example of your company’s commitment to the environment and the neighboring community.